Roy Khan – For All

Roy Khan - For All

Roy Khan – vocals, piano and keys
Leif Johansen – fretless bass
Geir Olav Akselsen – guitar

Recorded at Stable Studios in Oslo march 2018

For All (music and lyrics: Roy Khan)

for all the things I wanted to become
and all the things I could have been
for waiting for the writing on the wall
so long
for all the things I had and lost again
for every time I failed to lift your name
in the night

lord almighty
come pour your mercy down on me
holy glory
for all

for all the things I wanted in my own name
and all the filth my eyes have seen
for hiding when I ought be walking thru
for everything you wanted me to be
for all the love you pray that I may see
in you

God of David
I want to lower my defenses
pour your mercy down on me
for all

God almighty
it wasn’t you who wanted war
but you won it
for all
for now and ever more
cause you won it over
and once
for all

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