The Rise of Skywalker Special Addition

The Rise of Skywalker Special Addition
Safe to say there are SPOILERS in this video. Motion comic? Animatic? Storyboards? Animation? Whatever you’d call it, Star Wars always inspires me creatively and the Rise of Skywalker inspired me to do a series of sketches based on the climax when Rey hears all the voices, which inspired me to cut together them into a video with some music!

I imagined what it might have been like to not only hear voices of Jedi, but to also see their Force Ghosts! Palpatine’s desire like all Sith is to seek everlasting life and immortality. To be faced with all the Jedi of the past he thought vanquished standing before him with Rey (especially the redeemed Anakin Skywalker) having achieved what he so desperately wants is a powerful image. A look of fear, hatred and perhaps defeat spreads across Palpatine’s face knowing deep down he can never achieve what they did and that sends him over the edge.

As the climax of the 9 film saga, I wanted to reference as much of the journey that came before as I could. Visual design for the sequence itself inspired by things like Dragonball Z and the Avatar state from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Fan Service of the highest order!

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Star Wars Themes by John Williams
Tracks used:
The Force is With You by John Williams
Star Wars: The Force Theme Arranged & Orchestrated by Samuel Kim

Star Wars: The Force Theme | EPIC CINEMATIC (Hans Zimmer Style)

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