Babu Frik | Song A Day #4006

Babu Frik | Song A Day #4006

They say droids’ll take your job
Babu Babu Frik says boy I think not
Rise up now and seize the means
Who you think’s gonna fix the machines

The fascists are everywhere you go
Babu Frik’s got his tool box oh
He’s fixin droids and he’s ready ok

To punch those nazis in the face

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 Hi there! If you’re new around these parts, welcome. I’m Jonathan Mann. I write a song every single day, and I’ve been doing that for the last 10+ years.

Through sick days, tired days, days with no inspiration, the death of my grandma, the breakup of a 5 year long relationship, the marriage to my wife and the birth of our son – I’ve never missed a day. This is my life’s work.
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