Sala de juegos en una casa privada (Impresionante)

Sala de juegos en una casa privada (Impresionante)

Basement Home Theater / Game Room / Man Cave / Arcade / Video Game - 7.2.4 (Feb 2020 Setup)

Check out my latest video, this is my old setup and I’ve been making LOTS of changes, video here:

Check out my instagram post for updated pics:

*updates since this video – changed out the old theater seats and upgraded to much nicer red leather seats as seen in the thumbnail. Moved the entire seating further back as I will be doing an acoustically transparent screen and putting the front left, center, and right channel speakers behind the screen. Closed off the theater space and added a door. added another 32″ screen outside of the theater room scrolling movie posters and powered by the same pc that outputs to the other screen by the popcorn machine.

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Upcoming changes, will finally close this space off as soon as lock down is over, will add a wall and door, the HVAC vents will not be an issue as previously thought. Kicking around the idea to use another spare screen I have at the entrance as a digital ticket booth instead of the faux ones you can buy.

Equipment list in the theater:
Polk RTiA9 towers x 2
Polk CSiA6 center
Polk RC65 in wall surrounds x 4
Polk RC60i In Ceiling ATMOS x 4
SVS PB-2000 Subwoofer x 2
Emotiva XDA-5 GEN1 Amplifier
Emotiva XDA-5 GEN2 Amplifier
Denon x4300h Receiver
Dayton Audio SA230 Bass Shaker Amplifier
Adius Maximus Bass Shakers x 4
Nvidia Shield Pro (2019)
HTPC (powering media display for movie posters)
Logitech Harmony Hub with Ultimate Remote
Google Home (light control and voice control)
Samsung Bluray
Optoma UHD65 4k Projector
Elite Screens ER106WH1 Sable Fixed Frame Projection Screen (106 inch 16:9 AR)
Furman M-8X2 Merit Series 8 Outlet Power Conditioner and Surge Protector
PANAMAX PMXMD2, 2-Outlet Max 2 Surge Protector
Samsung 46″ Video Wall LCD display x 2
Samsung 32″ Smart Signage Display x 2
Elran Theater Seating ER4046HTC3PL x 2
Dedicated 15A Circuit x 2
Dedicated 20A Circuit
Lutron Smart Dimmer lights integrated with Harmony
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