Exoplanetas: comparativa de tamaños en una animación 3D

Exoplanetas: comparativa de tamaños en una animación 3D

EXOPLANETS size Comparison | 3D Animation

😀Hello everyone again, today I bring you a collaborative video with «The Exoplanets Channel» about exoplanets. In the video I show you the different sizes of some known exoplanets, from the smallest to the largest known. I hope you enjoy it!
👉More info about The Exoplanets Channel: https://youtu.be/xxKaiV9XW50

GQ Lupi b – https://go.nasa.gov/3dp6Usr
WD 1145+017 b – https://bit.ly/2YUgRZK
Kepler-186f – https://bit.ly/2Nfm9JQ
Kepler-452b – https://bit.ly/3hWwfgX
TrES-4b – https://bit.ly/2V5Z4xg
TRAPPIST-1g – https://bit.ly/2CxMgK1
Kepler-298d – https://bit.ly/318uPd1
Kepler-61b – https://go.nasa.gov/3doSus2
Teegarden’s Star b – https://go.nasa.gov/2NljmyS
Kepler-6b – https://go.nasa.gov/3fDSciK
HD 100546 b – https://go.nasa.gov/2YlggRt

🎵Music: Open Sea Morning – Puddle of Infinity

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