Este fenómeno ha construido una una máquina del tiempo real (sólo ver el pasado en 3D)

Este fenómeno ha construido una una máquina del tiempo real (sólo ver el pasado en 3D)

I Built a REAL-LIFE Time Machine! 🕒⚡

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Hi there, description explorer! I wanted to use this space to actually talk to you.

Believe it or not, this video was a quarantine project. Now don’t get me wrong, I WAS working on a time machine before the video was made, but I had no intention of making a video at all. This was all for me and it was going to stay in obscurity forever. But then covid hit and I became bored out of my mind and I started to make this.

And I loved it so much. Like seriously. Making this video was one of the most fun experiences of my life and now I really want this to be my full-time job. I have about 7 episodes planned and now I just have to see if I can make this sustainable. So post it around! Send it to a friend! Anything helps.

Oh, quick disclaimer, some aspects of this video are exaggerated for comedic/dramatic effect, but the project is 100% real. I really like mixing fiction and non-fiction together (it creates this surreal, but documentary feel) and this is something I actively want to explore in this series.

Btw, I was totally serious in my fake outro. Leave your project ideas in the comments as well as what your favorite parts of the video were. I’m really curious to know what worked for you guys and this helps me decide what other mistakes I should make in the future.

Wow, you’re still here. I really like that you’re reading this description. I feel like there’s a connection developing – it’s weird that Youtubers don’t use this space for anything other than social media links and calls to action. Maybe it can be more. What’s your name? How’s your day going? I like your look. I hope you’re doing alright. I love you.

Did you know that I have over 40 minutes of deleted scenes? Not even joking. The main goal of this video (aside from making a really cool VR project) was for me to figure out what «my style» was and that involved me making tons of mistakes and a lot of cringey material. Might release it one day if people are interested. If so, drop a comment saying «Swooty McBooty» and I’ll do my best to find you and send you love.

Ok, done now, I gotta finish the 15 second version of this video for social media platforms since y’all have the attention span of a goldfish. I wish you all an amazing time. Follow your dreams! Don’t procrastinate! Create cool things! Be happy.

And support me on Patreon, I quit my job to do this and I’m afraid I’m gonna die

Anyway, see you soon ♥


Video Chapters:
00:00 – The Plan
1:26 – Face Cameras!
05:02 – The 3 Trials
05:55 – The Control Panel
09:57 – Time Travel VFX
16:11 – The Memory Finder
19:57 – Time Machine Time!
23:05 – Unexpected Realizations
26:41 – Wait, is this the outro…?
28:00 – Ok, THIS is the outro

Music Used:
Mostly tracks from MusicVine:
Ghost Duet – Louie Zong
Just Hangin’ Out – Louie Zong
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