Star Wars SC 38 Reimagined

Star Wars SC 38 Reimagined

Star Wars SC 38 Reimagined

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DIRECTOR: Philip Silvera
VFX Producer: Christopher Clements
2nd UNIT DIRECTOR: Wayne Dalglish
Producer: Brady Romberg
Ben Kenobi – Daniel Brown
Darth Vader – Richard Cetrone
Ben Kenobi stunt – Jimmy Chhiu
Darth Vader Stunt – Steve Oyoung
Stunt Rigger: Tim Garris
Fight team:
Steve Oyoung
Micah Karns
Jimmy Chhiu
Stunt Rigger: Joe Ross
1st AD: Conor Kelly
DP: AJ Epstein
1st AC: Corey Lincoln
2nd AC: Jason Mandel
Gaffer: Arman zajic
Best Boy: Nermin zajic
SWING: Luis batres
KEY GRIP: Anthony Suy
DOLLY GRIP: Corbin Speed
BTS: Ryan Houchin
POST CONSULT: Mark Spencer
Sound Design: Kevin Senzaki
3d Modeler: Paul ‘Wiz’ Johnson
SPFX MAKEUP: Drew Talbot
VFX Assistant: Gabriel Romero
VFX Consultant: Jacob Dalton
Wardrobe: Allison Cohen
Script Supervisor: Sarah Garrettson
Production Coordinator: Paul Scott
Medic: Kyle Derek
Truck Driver: Marcus Moreno
Original Music: Lucas King

Star Wars Sc 38 Reimagined
(Unofficial short scene)

«Scene 38 ReImagined» is about the final confrontation between Ben Kenobi & Darth Vader in «A New Hope» nearly 20 years after the events of «Revenge Of The Sith.» This is a one-off story driven scene reflecting the characters in its chronological order from the point of Revenge of the Sith through Rebels, Rogue One, and all canon material leading to A New Hope.

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VFX Supervisor – Christopher Clements

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DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial, non-profit
“REIMAGINED SHORT SCENE,” not intended for commercial use. This was made strictly for Entertainment purposes, as well as VFX & Camera testing. All story, characters, likeness & sound, are the property of Walt Disney/LucasFilm’s.
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