Starcraft 2 marine avatar tutorial

Starcraft 2 marine avatar tutorial

Do you want to be a marine of Starcraft 2? Follow this tutorial and you will be able to see your face waring a Starcraft 2 Terran Marine suit!!! In few steps you can become a Space Marine of  «Starcraft 2» real-time strategy game.

In order to illustrate this tutorial, let’s transform Tom Cruise into a Marine from Starcraft 2. To complete this tutorial you need to have low-medium knowledge of Adobe Photoshop (at least know how to use layers and layer-mergers). Leave a link in the comments section of your Photoshopped image!!!

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Before anything: get the images

Get an original image of Jim Raynor or another Marine in Starcraft 2. In my case I have used the following:

For this example I have used Tom Cruise Marine in order to enlist him as a Marine. Source:

Prepare the image you want to turn into Marine. I recommend having a minimum size of 1024x768px.

1 Hull Frame

Select the edges of the hull, copy and paste into a new layer.

This new layer has to be above all on the list of layers of your Photoshop file.

2 Prepare Face

Duplicate the original image layer of the Marine.

On this new layer, blur the eyes, nose and lips if needed. Later we will make a merge between the face of new recruits and the Marine’s modified face.

3 Face of the new Marine (Tom Cruise for this example)

Paste the face of the new marine just above the Marine’s original layer.

Trim the edges so that only the face remains.

Set 67% opacity to the new face layer and set a little color balance making the face a little more yellowish.

4 Realism

Duplicate the layer of the new face.

Now we will give more realism to simulate the HDR effect. Apply the filter «Other – High Pass» and gradually up highlighting the eyes and other elements of the face.

Apply the layer blending «Vivid Light» on the new layer that you applied the filter.

Your image should now be sharper.

5 Data Projector

Select and copy the image data projector original face.

Paste it above the image layer you applied the filter «step up.»

Make a layer blending «overlay» and place it where it best fits you.

Above that layer, create a new blue paint brush to give effect to light. Give a little opaque to this new layer.



You can crop the result to fit the avatar you want to your profile image, avatar,  forums, Facebook, myspace, Messenger, etc…


Tom Cruise as Starcraft 2 Marine 1680x1050
Clic to enlarge

Me, Janmi, as a Starcraft 2 Space Marine: