El Barbero de Sevilla (Rossini) – Beauty & the Beat – Tarja Turunen & Mike Terrana

MIKE__BARBER OF SEVILLE (Rossini) - Beauty & the Beat - Tarja Turunen & Mike Terrana

Experience Tarja’s unique live album «Beauty & the Beat», recorded during her 2013 world tour!

“Beauty & The Beat” is something very different than your ordinary rock show, let alone your ordinary classic concert. Its music played in an unorthodox manner, it’s the performance of a wide range of classical pieces and rock songs together with an orchestra and choir. It strikes you with awe.
Originally planned as a one-time event – the first performance was already held in 2011, the show was too successful with fans and critics to simply never happen again. In spring 2013, Tarja Turunen and drummer Mike Terrana again toured throughout the world, from Poland to Russia to Mexico.

The music of “Beauty & The Beat” ranges from immortal classic pieces by Bach, Strauss and Mozart to Rossini, but doesn’t neglect pure rock music like songs from Led Zeppelin, Queen as well as Tarja’s own pieces. All combined with orchestra and choir with more than 100 musicians on stage, an enormous sound, energetic drums and Tarja’s angelic voice.
Tarja and Mike complement each other musically. Whereas Mike bangs his drums with rock attitude, Tarja shines with her crystal clear voice and incredible stage presence; all lulled with the warm, full sound of an orchestra.
Vídeo que me ha gustado en Youtube con el título original de » MIKE__BARBER OF SEVILLE (Rossini) – Beauty & the Beat – Tarja Turunen & Mike Terrana» integrado en mi blog directamente gracias a una receta de ifttt.com

Scorpions – The Good Die Young (video – live)

En este vídeo podréis ver a Scorpions junto a Tarja Turunen (ex- Nightwish) interpretando mi canción preferida de su último disco «Sting in the Tail» => The Good Die Young en una televisión alemana. Es una pena que Tarja se limite sólo a hacer gemiditos durante la canción y no a cantar y que se note su voz en toda su potencia.

Feliz Año Nuevo (Tarja Turunen)

Me gustaría desearos un feliz año nuevo 2009 con este precioso vídeo musical de la ex-cantante de NIGHTWISH.

Se trata de una canción titulada «Happy New Year» (feliz año nuevo) en la que Tarja Turunen canta en español (un poquito)