ALESTORM – Shit Boat (No Fans) (Official Video) | Napalm Records

ALESTORM - Shit Boat (No Fans) (Official Video) | Napalm Records

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“Shit Boat (No Fans)” is about 75 seconds of music that will be stuck in your head forever. It’s pure hedonism and unadulterated fun – a trademark ALESTORM tune!

ALESTORM on “Shit Boat (No Fans)”:
«Oh wow, everyone knows that short songs are the best songs, so naturally we had to make a music video for the shortest song on our album. This animation was put together by the lovely people at RMIT University in Melbourne, and it features all the classic elements of an ALESTORM video: Magical Girl transformations, giant Hungarian men dropping turds on your garden, rubber ducks, and crudely drawn cartoon penises. Enjoy!»

Producer Aaron McLoughlin on the video:
“Yeah, the pandemic has been tough on everyone, but it’s going to take a helluva lot more than that to stop RMIT Animation students from drawing pirates. The video took 17 weeks to complete and lecturer Simon Norton did an awesome job producing and directing it under quarantine. Each team member worked from home to create the most epic swashbuckling pirate adventure you’re likely to see this year!”

Created by students in the Bachelor of Design (Animation & Interactive Media) program at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia.

Director, Production Manager: Simon Norton

Character Design: Hannah Bligh

Background Design: Grace Leong

Production Design: Hannah Bligh, Grace Leong, Alexandra Nicoletti, Simon Norton, Neeshma Sadanandhan, Aonghas Shearer-Boyd, Hongyin Shi

Lead Animators: Hannah Bligh, Grace Leong, James McIntosh, Simon Norton, Neeshma Sadanandhan, Aonghas Shearer-Boyd, Hongyin Shi

Assistant Animators: Lauren Ambry, Lucas Anderson, Jamie Bautista, Mikayla Bell, Jose Castillo, Charlie Green, Carmen Kusumo, Xueqi Li, Eloise Lohrey, Aurianne Mackney, Stacey Nesnas, Huey Jing Ng, Vrenchllynch Salim, Chenjun Song, Alexandra Vicatos, Buu Man Vuong

Background Artists: Zixuan Fan, Charlie Green, Wai Sum Lai, Grace Leong, Xueqi Li, Eloise Lohrey, Alexandra Nicoletti, Tiffany Prayitno, Sarah Russ, Zhen Shi, Yves Sylvain, Mali-Rose Van Den Driest, Alexandra Vicatos, Joy Zou

Producers: Aaron McLoughlin, Simon Norton
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