Ken Block enseña a su hija de 13 años cómo hacer «donuts» con un coche Gymkhana Ford Escort

Ken Block Teaches His 13-Year-Old Daughter To Do Donuts... in the Gymkhana Ford Escort!

It’s pretty crazy how fast things are changing day to day here in Utah. One week ago my family and I built a mini-Gymkhana GRiD practice course inside my Hoonigan Racing workshop (, and this week my daughter Lia and I are at an actual race track with an entire paddock to ourselves.

With my ’78 Ford Escort Mk2 RS in tow, and an eager 13-year-old showing more interest in the finer art of HOONING, I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the limited re-opening of UMC (Utah Motorsports Campus) for a day of GYM-Class, teaching Lia proper technique for doing donuts!

And even though the RWD Gymkhana Escort may be one of the “easier” cars in my fleet to drive – she quickly learns that it’s not as easy as it looks – and you’ll have to watch the full episode to see how she does on her first time out!

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