¡Legolas! Arco medieval brutal a puesto a prueba

¡Legolas! Arco medieval brutal a puesto a prueba

Tod's 120lb Medieval Legolas - TESTED

IT’S FINISHED! Joerg Sprave from «The Slingshot Channel» invented the amazing «Instant Legolas» magazine system for longbows; he challenged me to make a Medieval version………

I made the device and in turn challenged Joe Gibbs from «Hillbilly Bows» to shoot it…….

This film shows the device, how it is used, our thoughts on it and what 5 of them can do in the hands of a powerful and experienced archer.

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Bow in Joerg’s device – approx 30lbs
Tod’s bow in Tod’s device – approx 95lbs
Joe’s Bow in Tod’s device – approx 120lbs
Multishot sequence bow – approx 45lbs
Feather fletched bolt – 65g
Wood fletched bolt – 85g

Note: A lighter bow was used for the multi shot sequence as approximately 60 bolts needed to be shot within a few minutes after an already strenuous day, so we wanted to keep it easy.

The two films clips were taken from
«Arrows v’s Armour – Mythbusting» https://youtu.be/DBxdTkddHaE
«Crossbow v’s Longbow» https://youtu.be/1w8yHeF4KRk

Tod – Maker of medieval weaponry and film and TV weapons
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Joerg Sprave – Inventor of the Instant Legolas and YouTube Royalty
«The Slingshot Channel» https://www.youtube.com/user/JoergSprave

Joe Gibbs – Longbow archer and bow maker
@Joe Gibbs

Hand forged heads by Will Sherman https://bit.ly/2P8QN8s
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