Avatar Movie Photoshop Tutorial

Me as Navi, originalmente cargada por Janmi_.

  1. Find the proper picture you want to manipulate
  2. Change saturation to blue. Pick the color from an Avatar-Movie poster
  3. Soft your skin with Smudge tool
  4. Play with LEVELS in order to get the proper light (darkness please)
  5. Add some shadows with brush. Take the dark blue from an Avatar-Movie poster
  6. Adapt your nose with LIQUIFY filter.
  7. Make a shorter nose by selecting and dragging your face
  8. Make thinner eyebrows and also soft them with brush + opacity
  9. Use LIQUIFY again to make your eyes look much feline
  10. Copy and paste a piece of Avatar-Movie skin and collapse (CTRL+E) with your skin
  11. Use PATCH tool in order to copy the pieces of your new skin to the rest of the skin
  12. Copy and Paste an eye of a real avatar and adapt it to your eyes (CTRL+T)
  13. Use BRUSH with white color and place some spots of different sizes. Then add them the Following Layer Styke:
    Outer Glow effect
    – Blend Mode: Screen
    – Color: #3a7987
    – Technique: Softer
    – Spread: 5%
    – Size: 10px

Lo he puesto en inglés para que lo pueda hacer más gente y… porque mi Photoshop está en Inglés XD

Autor: Janmi

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