Dark Sarah – Save Me (vídeo)

Videoclip del grupo Dark Sarah, de su canción «Save me», con toques al estilo Sarah Brightman.

Letras de Save me (Dark Sarah)

Look at my bleeding heart.
See the tears, you caused these scars.
Confused and lonely,
I guess I was in this only.
Why did you trick me this way
when I was planning happy days?

Tell me why you led me on,
but save me from your weeping songs.
Stronger by anger I´ll make it
but tell me one thing:
What, what took you so damn long
to decide that our love was gone?
Instead you fooled me!
Save me- uuuuu- Save me -uuuuuu!

If I were you I would listen to
every word I have to say
there is no safety for you wherever you stay.
Look, look at your creation!
Now, now you`ll need pure salvation
to keep me away from you!

Save me- uuuuu- Save me -uuuuuu!
So, I fell into your snare
but what do I really care?
Save me, save me- uuuuu!

Save me- uuuuu- Save me -uuuuuu!
Now you´ll pay for my heart,
revenge is much sweeter than your love.
Save me, save me- uuuuu!

Autor: Janmi

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